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The Artist
Mike Martinet is a native of the southwest. He grew up in Gardena, California, lived in Tucson for many years, and since 2005 has made Las Vegas his home. An electronics technician and software developer by trade, Mike has been drawing ever since he could hold a Crayon. He loves the effect of loose, irregular india ink lines against rich, flat color and really enjoys the funky, 1960's pop-art look of them at large scale. The resulting digital illustrations also serve as studies for his paintings.

In the past, Mike primarily worked in water media, he has done wall graphics with spray equipment, built silk screens, printed shirts, and spent quite a few years photographing hardware and equipment decomposing in the desert, creating water color paintings from the images. He coined the term "Southrustern" to describe the genre.

Mike's current work is a return of sorts to his initial passion - comics. His inspirations come primarily from R. Crumb, Jack Davis, Mort Drucker and M. K. Brown. His artwork is influenced by a combination of Mad Magazine, Zap Comics and National Lampoon. Mike was also fascinated with hardware at an early age and his drawings usually featured weird visions of impossible machinery.

In 2005, he began posting stream-of-consciousness cartoons that were organic and mechanical mixtures best described as tiny robots. In 2012, the perfect combination of illustrating puns, corny jokes, rebuses, and portmanteaus turned into creating the infamous images uploaded daily on Botaday.com

The Botification Process
Mike selects candidates from his sketches or digital photographs. His choice is based on composition, quality of line and a discriminating appreciation of the delightfully peculiar.

It starts with an original drawing or a photograph which is printed out, overlaid and re-drawn with ballpoint pen. Using graphics software, Mike turns the pen lines into lush, inky bones and adds flesh in layers of vibrant and dimensional color. Electricity is applied and faint hearts flutter. The resulting file can be output as an art print, giclee, or wrapped canvas. Thus has Botification been achieved.

If you would like your digital image Botified, click here for more information.

Contact Mike
Twitter: @botaday
Instagram: @botaday